Navy Colt
Full-size 1861 Navy Colt Civil War pistol.
S&W revolver
S&W .38 revolver now available on large base.
Colt Peacemaker
The gun that won the west.
STI Crystal Edge
Commissioned by original manufacturer.
Anniversary 1911
1911s ordered by Cabela's to commemorate their 50th anniversary.
Custom Glock
Custom Crystal Glock made for Lone Wolf Distributors.
Beretta 92fs
Crystal Beretta is shown on original small base. Large base now available.
Scent of Freedom
High quality t-shirt supporting 2nd Amendment. $25 plus shipping
NRA base detail
NRA logo laser etched on base of 1911 for NRA awards banquet.
the Grand Master commissioned by original manufacturer.
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Colt Peacemaker

The gun that won the west.